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About Me

Full-Stack Software Developer

Check out my Résumé for my work experiences.


You can find me online with this handle.

UWaterloo CS

I'm studying Honours Computer Science with Co-op, class of 2025.

My life goal is to help people with code.

EdgePrim Inc. Logo

I'm the founder and CEO of EdgePrim Inc, a software startup that connects businesses to the internet.


I organize YouthHax, an annual hackathon and the first in Markham.

Arch Linux

I develop and maintain many GitHub and AUR projects like i3lock-color, the world's most popular non-default computer lockscreen.

"How to Enjoy Programming" Seminar

I've inspired many students to learn to code through my seminars, and I have a set of Linux tutorials on Gist.

"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried."


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