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About Me

Playstation Intern

I'm currently doing a Software Development in Test internship at Sony Playstation. Check out my Résumé for my work experience.


You can find me online with this handle, or on IRC as raymo


I'm studying Honours Computer Science with Co-op at the University of Waterloo, Class of 2025

My life goal is to help people with code.

EdgePrim Inc. Logo

I'm the founder and CEO of EdgePrim Inc, a software startup that connects businesses to the internet


I organize YouthHax, an annual hackathon and the first in Markham

Arch Linux

I develop and maintain many GitHub and AUR projects like i3lock-color, the world's most popular non-default computer lockscreen

"How to Enjoy Programming" Seminar

I've inspired many students to learn to code through my seminars, and I have a set of Linux tutorials on Gist

UW Clubs

CTF Club logo

CTF Club

President of the Capture The Flag Club

CSC logo

CSC Sysadmin

Systems Committee of the Computer Science Club

"The master has failed more times
than the beginner has even tried."


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